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Does the following scenario sound  familiar?

Audio systems can often seem like the simplest systems in your facility and yet they can often be the source of great frustration.

What should be an easy task, such as plugging in a microphone and speaking into it, can quickly turn into a major challenge when it erupts into a cacophony of squealing feedback. Then once you get that under control you can’t hear or understand what the speaker is saying. If you have ever experienced this scenario we at Dynamic AVS have you covered.

There are a number of potential causes for the above scenario, but what it ultimately comes down to is system design. This is equally true in a church worship center, a conference room, or an arena. If the system isn’t designed to work well in it’s environment, in short, it will not.

At DAVS we have over 30 years of experience consulting, designing, and integrating Audio systems for many different environments. Serving Alpharetta, Canton, and the entire SouthEast.

We understand the need for taking everything about the space into consideration. From acoustical treatments to loudspeaker placement to choosing the proper processing components and microphones we take pride in doing the work to assure your system works as it should and is easy to operate. In addition, we will provide training to your people so they are prepared to operate the system. When it is critical for the system to work flawlessly you can count on Dynamic AVS.


We’ll work with you to design a
system that meets your needs.


Over 30 years of experience designing
AV systems using the latest technologies.


Integrated into your facility
to look like it belongs.

If you have a need for a system evaluation, upgrade, or a completely new design schedule a call and let us run you through the process.
It would be our pleasure to talk with you and show you how we can help!

At DAVS Clarity is king!

Dynamic Audio Visual Systems, LLC

Here is how we do it:

Why so many organizations
trust us over others?

James [Denmon/DAVS] has been a great resource for us whenever we have come up against a technical challenge that had us stopped in our tracks. Competent, friendly and on time – [Dynamic AVS] makes our problems go away!
Dave Wagner
Dave Wagner
Technical Director
Fellowship Bible Church
DAVS was the only vendor to tour the football facility, take measurements, and visualize the needs of our facility. His proposal/quote was very detailed and included every piece of equipment needed to complete the project. The install process was very smooth and efficient and he came back on several occasions to make sure the system was working properly and fulfilling our needs. I have no reservations in recommending [Dynamic AVS] and Mr. Denmon for your audio needs, we were completely satisfied and pleased with his work and the products he provided.
Chris Chastain
Chris Chastain
Brooks County High School

Google Reviews

Veldon Tims
Veldon Tims
James has been an exceptional resource for us at Mt Zion. He is very knowledgeable, extremely easy to get along with, and unsurpassed in customer service. He handles all of our A/V needs and does an amazing job!
Sharon Jolley
Sharon Jolley
We used Denmon Technical Services while building our new Police Facility. They were very professional, prompt and knowledgeable of our Audio/Visual needs. We will continue to call on them in the future.
Brian Woodlief
Brian Woodlief
James is a great person to work with on any project. He is thorough and honest and always does his best to communicate clearly and deliver on his promises.
Gant Garner
Gant Garner
Fellowship Roswell
Fellowship Roswell
I can highly recommend Denmon Technical Services. I've used their services for more than 20 years and will continue to call on them in the future for my A/V service needs.
Nick Bowker
Nick Bowker
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In the meantime download 10 costly mistakes made when selecting an AV company. So you can stop wondering if the technology will work and instead enjoy the confidence of well-performing systems.

Denmon Tech


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